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Advantages of Life Insurance and Interview About Benefit of Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a very important addition to the human life. There are many advantages of life insurance. That Ensure financial security for you and your family. Let’s know today about some benefits of life insurance.

advantages of life insurance

1 / Safety in life:

Life insurance plays an important role in tackling sudden financial problems. It ensures the economic security of you and the family. Life insurance plays an important role in tackling sudden financial problems. It ensures the economic security of you and the family. In your absence, this ensures will safe living your family.

2 / Death Benefit:

In the death of an insured person, the insurer will pay all the money (basic money and bonus money) to the family. Also, Life insurance protects the appropriate benefits for those who have lost income with increasing age, the person affected by the accident, and for retired people. In life insurance, you can choose from many policies as suitable for you.

3 / Flexibility:

Many times the insured becomes concerned that their insurance policies are not providing the necessary benefits or the premiums are not suitable for the requirement. But in the case, It can easily adjust for need and convenience.

4 / Return on investment:

After the death of the insured person, that money sure returns the insurance company (The amount of life insurance in insured)

5 / Tax benefits:

You to enjoy many tax benefits in life insurance. There is no tax to pay for insurance or policy loans.

6 / Opportunity to take a loan:

Life Insurance has a chance to take a loan. The insurer gives you the opportunity to receive a loan for horrible financial problems. Mainly the amount of money depends on the policy rules or laws.

7 / Low rate premium:

In most cases, premium payment rates are very low in the first years of the insurance period.

8 / Long-term savings:

Life insurance is a great way to save money and build wealth for the future. It is an ideal long-term savings element. Protection and savings both benefits can be enjoyed in life insurance.

9 / Different level planning:

Your child’s education, marriage, your own dream house, the next days of retirement are beautifully spent – everything is possible through life insurance! In those cases, Life Insurance will help meet the needs.

Life insurance interview

Life insurance is essentially a contract, which is executed by the insurance company and the insurer. The main aspect of this agreement is-

The insurance company guarantees that if the borrower dies, a certain amount of money will be provided to the heir to the insured. That is, insurance is mainly dependents for heirs. However, under the terms of the contract, sometimes there is a serious illness the insurer gets the money.

Insurance estimation may be a little difficult to someone, as a result, many people are concerned about this. There are many insurance companies that have a lot of gaps in the rules.

Let’s know the advantages of life insurance and some other issues related to insurance. Let’s know from a MetLife insurance officer.

Question: Why would someone insure – if you say in a word.

Answer: By paying a premium to insurance companies, the insured person or institution is free from all possible damages and insurance companies increase capital by collecting premiums from numerous insured individuals or organizations. For example, MetLife just insures a person, which is again three types- 1. Life insurance; 2. Children’s education insurance; 3. Pension insurance

Basically, people will be insulated from financial security. If the family income earner gets sick or falls into an accident or even dies, then his family has problems. If the insurance company is insured, the insurance company will stand by the family according to the condition. If even two years have passed (the age of premium), the client also receives compensation for the loss.

Question: How much security is the company?

Answer: Starting from 1 million takas to one core taka can be insured in MetLife. Who is able to take insurance, he will get the same help. Someone got insurance of 10 million if he dying within the deadline, he gets 10 million takas. Get help based on sickness.

Question: If someone has more lot of ability, why would he insure?

Answer: We consider the income of the people. In fact, whose income is more his spends is much. As result is that more revenue, he has insecurity, he also needs insurance.

Question: What benefits do you get when expires?

Answer: In this case, he gets the full amount. Interests are also added. Insurance is actually thinking about the problems of the term. Usually, the term is too long.

Question: How to get low-income people’s advantage of life insurance?

Answer: Small amount can be insured in monthly installments. It is not only ensuring that its family security is, the money is accumulated as like bank. Since no one wants to break this money easily, so it is stored for the family, If the validity is completed receives money with fixed interest. Of course, this is not the interest, it is the company’s profits, whose name is Bonus, The main money and bonus subscribers receive after the expiration.

Question: Does anyone lose on insurance?

Answer: Insurance is not for itself. It is done for family dependents. Children get the benefit. The person can get benefits from medical insurance. In that case, a small amount of money (non-refundable) is to be paid according to the contract. Some people might not have to take medical help, but somebody got help. So insurance is not a loss, because, sometimes everyone is sick.

Question: How do you encourage people to insure?

Answer: Life is risky. The family is insured to ease anxiety. It can be left free from anxiety. Besides, living time also making a physical problem becomes difficult to earn, In that case, the benefit is if you are insured. Insurance companies can cooperate.

Question: Which class people have more insurance, tell about your experience?

Answer: Normally, private workers, and businessmen show more interest.

Question: How much benefits you are giving each month?

Answer: An average of 3000 claims per month is in the MetLife.

Actually not only financial gain, in this case, the emotional tranquility of the insurer is a big issue. He gets “emotional tranquility” by insurance; because he knows that after his death his heirs will not suffer from money problems.

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