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Baby Unsafe Food Under 1 year Which Should be Avoid

Need to find the Baby Unsafe Food then right nutritious food for a child to be healthy, to be strong. For the growing child and the development of correct intelligence for baby must be take care of when feeding the baby.

baby unsafe food

Many times many relatives and well-wishers want to give many types of food to the child or want to feed. Those food are might not be good for the baby. Therefore, it is important to be careful when you feeding the child or feeding someone else, that’s the food is suitable for that baby age. If it is fit, it has correct shape or condition.

There are many types of food that can cause problems for babies after 1 year. Here’s a list of Dangerous Foods for children under 1 year

Baby Unsafe Foods:

1 / nuts

Children have limited teeth, at this age, it is dangerous to eat whole nuts. Because they do not learn properly to chew well. They should be crushed or made into small pieces before eating whole nuts.

2 / big fruits

Fruits such as grapes, berries etc are also given if the children are not allowed to eat with limited teeth. So these fruits should be given as a bite in small pieces.

3/ large pieces of vegetables

Large pieces of vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers etc. and large pieces of fruit like apples, pears etc. should not be given at this age. Have to give to cook well, grind it into small pieces.

4 / Raisin
It is not good to give them raisins at this age. After being a bit older, you have to give it.

5 / Popcorn
Popcorn is also dangerous at the child’s age. Because it can’t be chewed properly, they can tighten their throats.

6 / strong chocolate or jelly
Those foods can’t be given to children, they should be excluded at this age.

7 / Allergy Producer’s Meal

There are some foods that should not give to the baby, which can cause allergies. If there are one or more food allergies in the family. Then they will have to give these foods carefully after the baby gets older. You will see if any problems arise. Although there is an allergy to one’s person, there is no such thing that the other person will have food. It is better to take the advice of the doctor before giving them.

8 / nuts
Peanut or some such nut nuts are allergic, so it is best not to give these foods before the baby is one year old. And if a family member has allergies in the nut, then wait a few days or consult a doctor.

9 / Egg
Eggs are some of the allergenic foods in this age. However, everyone will have no problems. So if someone has allergies in the family, it is better to wait a few days. If there is no problem with allergies, there is no problem to eat eggs. But you will have to slow down.

10 / shrimp fish
The most common allergenic food at all age is the shrimpfish. So it is better to not give up this meal until the child is a bit older.

The strawberry fruit is also an allergy producer. So it is better not to give up until one year of age.

11 / sour fruit
Many times, sour fruits such as orange, lemons etc aren’t all children tolerate. as a result, many children may become rash in the body. So it is better not to give them these at the little age.

12 / Chocolate

Many children have maybe created allergic to chocolate. So it is better not to give chocolate for at least a few years. And the chocolate dentist causes the protective sense to delay.

Other Children’s Harmful food

13 / cow milk

It is better to not give cow milk before the baby’s first birthday. Because the cow’s milk has more proteins and sodium. Which Babies interfere in digesting the small intestine. Besides, cow’s milk in mother’s milk and formula milk has low iron and essential fatty acids. It is essential to the growth of the baby. Cow milk is given at a low age baby then it can be created acid and allergic, for many children.

14 / honey

It is common among many that honey is given in the mouth only after birth. It is very harmful to the baby. Honey is not available for at least one year. Because it has Clostridium botulinum germs. It can cause poisoning for children even if it is not harmful to adults.

15 / marine fish

Tuna, salmon, coral, and marine fish have high amounts of mercury so they are not suitable for babies. Without pasteurization, there are many types of dangerous bacteria in milk, and without the pasteurization, young children should not be given.

16 / tea and coffee

Tea, coffee, coca cola has caffeine which prevents calcium digestion. Therefore, these drinks should not be given to children and young children to drink.

17 / carbonated drinks

Pepsi, Sprite, Coke, Soda water these carbonated drinks contain many sugar, sodium, and artificial flavors. Which is very harmful to children. Which causes problems in children’s small stomach.

18 / salt

Very little salt should be used to make the baby’s food because salt has much sodium which causes problems in feeding the baby’s stomach.

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