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Diploma Courses List And Bright Future in Diploma Engineering

If you want to make a career in technical education you will have to study at polytechnic institutes. First, you wanted to know about of Diploma Courses List. There is number of government and private polytechnic institutes in the country. These institutions operate four-year diploma-in-engineering courses under the Technical Education Board. There are government polytechnic institutes in almost every district of the country. There is also a private polytechnic institute in every district. The number of private polytechnics is more than a few thousand. Every year from these institutions, a large number of students get the opportunity to be educated in technical education. But before taking admission in private organization, take a good look.

Which student technical Education can be used in a particular profession by using in real life. Again, appropriate occupation or education that is proficient for selection, this call them the vocational education. After taking technical education, the student or person does not have to wait for job selection. Can find an independent job in accordance with the achievement education itself.   The opposite of General education, that is, the work with the acquired education does not match. In the field of technical education, there is some relaxation in age. Usually dropped students or for some reason, technical education can be successful in many ways. The main condition of education is patience, hard work and practice. Skill Development- This is applicable only to technical education. The main success of this teaching is its application in the practical field. The aim of the student or the person in the next life making certain technical texts efficient, To promote local small industries in their own initiative, By electing freely selected scholarship Using the natural and human resources of the country in a generous way turn into the hands of the worker.

Include Diploma Courses List
Under the Technical Education Board polytechnic institutes have been studying various subjects.

The notable subject is:

Civil Engineering,

Electrical Engineering,

Mechanical Engineering,


Computer Science,



Automobile Engineering,


Glass and Ceramics,


Telecommunication Engineering,

Garment and Pattern Making,


Food Technology,

Environmental Engineering etc.

Upper Diploma Courses list, studies at semester based are very low chances of becoming unemployed.

The Directorate of Technical Education was established in 1960. To create skilled human resources through expansion and improvement of technical education As a result, in the last half-century, many sections of technical education and administration were expanded by the government’s sincerity. The Department has been editing 4 works. The tasks are Human resources management, development activities-management, supervision of academic activities and connecting with domestic and international organizations related to technical education.

Admission Eligibility

For admission to diploma-in-engineering, you will have to pass SSC, Dakhil or equivalent examination. Your GPA should be at least 3.50 for admission to Polytechnic Institute. As well as in math must be 3.00 GPA. However, for admission to private polytechnic institute, it will be GPA 2.00 in math.

Opportunities for higher education

Completion of diploma-in-engineering from any polytechnic institute there are higher education opportunities. There are opportunities to study BSc engineering from different engineering universities at home and abroad. If you wish, BSc, MSC can be complete from Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), You will get the opportunity to take higher education at various renowned universities outside the country. Such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, University of Cambridge, or Nanyang Technological University (NTU).


The name of technical education is the practical education in hand – hand. Technical education is timely education. When the modern advanced world Improving technological skills and improvements, Our country is far behind there. Now take the time ahead of the country. Technical education will provide skilled manpower for the development of the country. Moreover, this education does not have to be unemployed after being educated. So you can build your own golden carrier by the admission in diploma in engineering.

Job market

Professional career and career income-earning the most important is the efficiency. There is also the experience and attention. At the beginning of the study in diploma-in-engineering, you can get the salary ranging from 8000 to 25 thousand takas. Study here the highest posts from the deputy assistant engineer can be held up to the chief engineer. Tech Education has a versatile dream of the bright career. The government and the private sector have a large workplace. Powerhouse, electricity distribution company, textile, ceramics, various factories, telecommunication companies have job opportunities. You can also teach in primary and high schools by registering. Here is a successful career.

The cost of study has Diploma courses list

The cost of technical and vocational education is very low. The government polytechnic institute will spend up to 50 thousand takas to study eight semesters in four years Here semester based scholarships are given for good results. In addition to the joint venture of the World Bank and Canada, scholarships of 4,800 Taka were distributed among the poor and meritorious students. To study in private polytechnics you will have to spend between Tk 96,000 and 2 lakh taka in four years.

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