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Homemade Face Pack For Fairness

Long hair, clean skin, and bright color – dreams of any woman. Let’s talk about homemade face pack for fairness or some of the coolest home beauty tips for women for bright colors. But before that one has to speak. As much as we put a face pack or go to the parlor, anything in it get the result. But to keep this result for a long time, we have to change some of our own habits. Eat dinner according to diet, sleeping at the right time at night for getting fit at home etc.

homemade face pack for fairness

The impression of extra hard work on our skin. As a result, many times the skin looks bleak and black. So our needs regular skin care. We can master many practices to keep skin bright and healthy. For example,

  1. Daily eating 8 glasses of water. Create this habit
  2. Good sleeping very needs for the skin. So do not late at night for sleeping.
  3. Daily exercise at least 30 minutes, Create this habit.
  4. Follow a routine to look after skin care.
  5. Regular skin scrubbing. In this, the dead cells of your skin will drop and the skin will appear brighter. You can use oatmeal scrubs. There are many options in the market!
  6. Do not forget to remove your makeup before sleeping every night.
  7. Take care to see your food contains has Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich foods will help bring a natural glimpse of your skin. You can also take every day after your lunch as Vitamin C tablet.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair Skin:

So, now the question is how can we get the bright skin? There are some of the oldest and most popular home beauty tips that help to brighten up our skin color.

1. Tea water and honey face pack:

What to do – 1 cup of cold tea, 2 tablespoons of rice, 1/2 teaspoon honey, Rice flour serves as a very good scrubber and honey helps to moisturize the skin.


Make a pack with the above materials and apply them on the skin. Keep the mask in the mouth for about 20 minutes or longer. Until the pack completely dry. Once you have a face skin massage before cleaning the face with water. The dead skin will move away and the skin will look tangled. Then wash the face with cold water.

2.Oats and lemon pack:

What it takes – 1 teaspoon of oats (make it Heats up powders) and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. If your skin is sensitive then you can mix lemon juice with water.

Make a blend of the above materials and apply the face. After 20 minutes wash face with water.

3. Turmeric and lemon pack:

What do you need – flour, turmeric, lemon juice, and milk

Mix all the ingredients with 1 spoon and apply equally on the face. Scrub the pack for 5 minutes by gently touching the face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Clean the face with water after drying.

4. Turmeric and Tomato Pack:

What will be the need- Turmeric and fresh tomato juice.


Mix turmeric with tomato juice then apply the mixture to your face and if it gets dry then wash the face with hot water. This pack is very easy to make in the house and its results are very good. So it’s a very popular pack for women. If you wish, you can massage the skin even with tomato. Wash after 15-20 minutes. You understand yourself differently.

5. Turmeric Pack:

Turmeric Face pack is all time popular! Every woman takes turmeric. before the wedding. The yellowing ceremony is an important aspect of Indian society. Why not? Women become more fairness to yellow pills.

What you need to make a pack with Turmeric – flour (scrubber), a pinch of turmeric (to brighten the skin) and milk (moisturizer)


Mix flour, turmeric powder, and milk together and gently spray your face for 5 minutes and keep it for 20 minutes. Clean the face with water when dry.

6.Yogurt and dried orange peel pack:

What to do – Dry orange peel and fresh yogurt

Apply 1 teaspoon of orange pea powder with 1 spoon of curd, apply the pack for 15-20 minutes, wash it with water after drying.

7.Curd and lemon pack:

Whatever it takes – fresh curd and lemon juice

Mix 1 teaspoon of curd with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture for 15-20 minutes to wash with water after drying.

It will not only brighten your skin but will help reduce your skin if it has acne or a black spot.

8. Milk, lemon juice, and honey pack:

What do you want – milk, lemon juice, and honey

Use 1 cup of milk or milk powder and make a paste by mixing honey and lemon juice. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. Wash with water after drying.


The shape study of the tablet pack!

We are all more or less face acne problem. Have the next blackheads and acne scarring. We all suffer from the problems of the skin as well as hair fall problem. We have to get rid of these problems, various kinds of herbal or non-herbal cosmetics or home use natural ingredients. Most forms are specialists remember that Natural ingredients are safe and more effective. With some of these tablets / capsules skin and hair problem play an important role. Aspirin and vitamin C tablet and vitamin E capsules notable among them.

Aspirin tablets

Insulation pain aspirin is main instrument salicylic acid. Note that Scrub is used to remove Black Head the main materials is salicylic acid. So Black Head, acne and acne dark spots to remove made popular by a pack of aspirin. Aspirin also works increases the skin brightness. Aspirin removes dead cells from the skin and rome wells, removal of dirt brings brightness from within.

Aspirin pack to create the necessary 3/4 Aspirin tablets. First a half teaspoon of water the tablet soak. The tablet when it melts one teaspoon honey and mixes a few drops of oil Amanda. Now, set in the face of the pack after 15-20 minutes, remove soaked with water. Oily skin owners use lemon juice instead of almond oil. In this case, do not use water, one teaspoon of lemon juice and dip the tablet into the mix. Use one teaspoon of honey and mix it well.

The skin is soft and tender of the pack and regular use reduces the incidence of acne. Skin germ-free. Note that once a week to use this pack. Do not spray water taking the pack. Because can Irritation in the eyes of the pack. So gently with a wet cloth should be removed. If you have allergies, do not use this pack. This pack is aimed at sensitive skin. So do not go in the sun after using the pack. So use the pack, at night.

Vitamin- C tablets

Vitamin C protects skin health from undeniable. Different types of vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables are highly effective for the skin. In addition, the use of vitamin C tablet that makes the skin shine from within.

1 tablespoon honey 4/5 of vitamin C tablets and powder and olive oil mix. The mixture is well mixed take the whole face. Wash after 15-20 minutes. This pack will get better results if you use twice a week.

Vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E is very beneficial for the hair and skin of the head. It makes the hair roots strong and prevents hair fall. Vitamin E capsule is very easy to use. Oil mixed with vitamin E capsules from the liquid can be used. Each hair oil before the oil to scalp extent necessary input with separate oil mix 1 Vitamin E capsules and. Significant amounts reduce the hair fall. Hair will Silky and smooth.

In this way you can add papaya and Multani clay pack which is ideal for summer, Moreover Potato juice, Potato pieces can be used twice a day, Use lemon or orange juice mixed with raw milk, use the open part of the body easily it will remove black spots.

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