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Keyboard Function Keys Details and Shortcuts

Today I’ll show how to use a laptop or desktop computer to the keyboard function keys. Who we are used the computer, usually seen we went to work on a variety of computers
in most cases, use the mouse. But any work you can do from the keyboard. Yes, if there is no mouse or when the mouse is broken. Recommend the use of shortcut keys on the keyboard to Know you can work any faster than ever before in a short time. keyboard Function Keys

Keyboard Introduction

Keyboard has 84 to 101 or 102 keys. Keyword has 5 types can be divided based on use.

  1. Function Keys
  2. Arrow keys
  3. Alphabetic keys
  4. Logical or numeric key
  5. Special key

keyboard Function Keys

Key Board at the top from the left side has F1 to F12 keys there called function key. Any fixed task can be done it functions is key. Such as for some program helps, or run a program etc. The key has used the work.

Use of F1

keyboard Function Keys F1 is generally used as a key supporter. During the execution of any program, if you press this key, the program will open the help window.

Use of F2

The key is used for any file or folder re-naming. You want to rename that the file or folder select it, Press this key you can rename the file or folder. Microsoft Word by pressing the Alt + Ctrl + F2 key to allow set up a new document. The print preview will show you pressed Ctrl + F2.

Use of F3

This key is generally used to launch the search option. When you press this key come in a search window, you can customize the search. Other programs can give you this opportunity.

Use of F4

Using this key you can repeat the last action in Microsoft Word (2000 + words). At the same time, you have to stop all the running programs on your computer you can press Alt + F4. To close all running windows on your computer, you can press Ctrl + F4.

Use of F5

This is 12 keys is the more familiar to everyone. Because all person their computer can easily refresh the key. This key allows you to refresh your web browser pages. In Microsoft Word press the key you will find this “Find, Replace, Go To” in this menu. Pressing this key in Microsoft PowerPoint the slideshow begins.

Use of F6

Browse the Internet address of the address bar, you can use this key for edit. While working in Microsoft Word If you’re working with multiple documents, then if you need to switch to one of the jobs, then just press Ctrl + Shift + F6.

Use of F7

When you using Mozilla Firefox browsers, you key the press “Create Browsing” allow you to turn on and off. If you press this key in the Microsoft Word program in your writing “Spelling and Grammars” will be checked. If you press Shift + F7 on Microsoft Word’s right to a “Research Menu” will appear.

Use of F8

If you start the computer in Safe Mode to “Safe Mode” if you want to access your computer, you will need to press the key.

Use of F9

The key “Quark 5.0.” The “Measurement Toolbar” is launched.

Use of F10

If you press this key, the running program or window you’ll find the menu bar. If you press Shift + F10, but it will work your mouse right button. Hidden recovery partition you will access the F10 key (Only for HP & Sony of the computer).

Use of F11

The key to browse the web your browser will take to full-screen mode. Press Ctrl + F11 key, you get access to the Hidden Recovery Partition (Applicable for Dell’s computers).

Use of F12

When you press this key, open the save as Microsoft Word menu.  Press Shift + F12 to save the Microsoft Word document directly. Press Ctrl + Shift + F12 in Microsoft Word, you can print any document.

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