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Salalah, Oman – The Amazing Places For Tourists

Salalah, Oman is the most diverse environment in the Middle East. Oman has been able to establish a successful cultural tourism center. Attractive tourism destinations include charming nature, beach, ancient market, ancient settlement, mounting on the mountains, turtles, dolphins, and birds. The attraction attracts many visitors to Oman every year. For attraction, there are many tourists visiting at Salalah, Oman in every year.

Salalah oman

Moving from Dubai to fourteen vehicles, we are running at 140 km, in Sharjah (UAE State), in Ajman (UAE State), inside ‘Ras al-Khayma’ (UAE State), to Oman Border. Going to the immigration office of that country, you will get a better idea of what country people are like. They were very helpful and very agreeable. We went to Oman’s border with the border passes and saw around the shores of the mountain, the blue water of the sea swells.

Salalah’s special time is Karif (cloudy and temperate) from July to September 3-4 months. There is not enough space to walk on the streets, so there are so many people crowded. I heard that Salalah is a beautiful city, sometimes it rains, hot comparisons, greenhouses. It will take 12 hours to stay on the road from Dubai and good cars are good.

Our cars started moving on the coast of the ocean by sea. The large sea is standing in the foothills of the hill. The waves are falling apart near the shore. Oman road has been made to cut the curved road in the hills. Sometimes get up on the top of the mountain again got down. Our cars are running slow velocity, very exciting feeling. Zigzag the whole road. The hill body is decorated Cutters Cutters Alignment. A strange architecture! What a weird construction technique! The natural beautiful decoration is the fascinating surrender of people. The scenes are much easier to portray in the film than in the language.

We reached Kasab port after coming an hour inside From Oman Border. Already our cruise (engine powered big boats) was fixed. We got up on the instant cruise. Keen sunshine on the head. We entered our desired Arabian sea by driven engine-boat. Heel breeze in the sea water softens the waves. , the mind is going happiness of the waves saw. The mind is becoming Happiness. Twinkle sun shining as Light play in the sea chest. We’re taking pictures of joy.

Salalah oman

Our cruise floats in the clear waters of the sea. The mountains on either side are floating in the sea. We go to see some villages on the go. Looked Nadifi, Kanahah, Maqlab, Sebi, Shyam villages. Every village will be 15 to 20 houses. Their main job is to catch fish. They have no land access. Everyone walks on their speed board. Oman government provides electricity and clean water to the villages.

Our cruise has stopped for the Telegraph Island. The water of this island is dark blue, transparent, it is so transparent that can be seen in the water fish. Dolphins are roaming and ticking over them.

Start skipping in the ocean. Eat after bathing in the sea. Then again the new enthusiasm chat. In the meantime, the five-Egyptian song has started inside the cruise. That could be that song he sings that song. We climbed to the rhythm with the waves. Songs of the melody when I could not find that afternoon.

In the afternoon I again completely surrendered to the sea. Ship in the ocean, swim, take photographs Oops, what joy it is! The jump in the sea, jumping and jumping, the day was very well. After spending 6 hours on the sea, we started returning to the jetty.

The Hormuz system, which is the Persian Gulf in the west Previously the Gulf of Oman connected to the Arabian Sea. The Arab Peninsula separates from Iran.

Bird feathers in the mountains, Last evening of dusk, Today is one of the most beautiful moments of our life! Goodbye hill, Goodbye sea. But not forever. Come on, I’ll come again if we get time, I will come again and again.

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