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Guidelines to buy a smartphone

During this period there is no end of worry when buying mobile phones. If I have to know smartphone buying guide or how to choice a good smartphone. So, reduce your brain pressure. Tips for buying the mobile phones are given. Let’s get to know the subject of what to buy a smartphone in the Important:

Design: Think about Design, designed can be the most important thing or maybe not, someone wants better performance or someone wants designs. In this regard, there is nothing to take advice from anyone. It’s a matter of your own taste.

Weight and Feeling: Most of the time is keep the mobile phone in the pocket. So it is more portable it is better. However, when large phones weight increases. Depending on the type of customer job should buy more weight phone.

Mobile Network: The Network connection is one of the most important in smartphones. Talking audio or video in addition, depending on the data connection speed. At present mobile network 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G networks running different countries.

1G = analog

2G = digital, voice

2.5G added data (GPRS)

2.75G faster data (EDGE)

3G = digital, supported data, packet switched (WCDMA, EvDO)

3.5G faster data (HSPA)

4G = wireless broadband

(most people say this is LTE, some people are waiting for an upgrade to LTE-A)

5G = not yet defined (Super wireless broadband) Much faster.

Processor: Processors is the main and most important part of smartphone buying guide. The processor is a part of key your smartphone. So, learn more about your favorite smartphone processor before buying a smartphone. Many people have the wrong idea that the actual speed of the processor clock. Clock speed is important, but it is not the main controller. Processor version is original. Check the version of the processor before buying the smartphone. Please try ARMv7 or Next model Buy-rich smartphone processor. ARMv7 processors of the previous Model many applications, especially games that do not support Flash
As a result, the enjoyment will lose your smartphone. Such as the Samsung Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pocket, Galaxy Ace, etc. Although the clock speed over the phone ARM version of this device is 6 so many of these phones, especially flash-based application does not run anything. And those who have the financial capability they can buy a rich smartphone with dual-core or Quad-core processors.

smartphone buying guide

RAM &ROM: Another essential part of the smartphone is the ability of RAM. RAM helps increase the speed of work. The more RAM will increase both the performance and the speed. So before buy, take a look at how much RAM it. 1GB RAM is enough to spend some money to buy the phone. ROM is the internal memory of the smartphone. 8GB of internal memory that can be seen in a lot of time, but it is useable 5 GB or 4 GB the rest is occupied by the operating system. RAM & ROM is another part of smartphone buying guide.

smartphone buying guide

Memory: What is the maximum memory capacity look at before buying a smartphone. There are two types of memory in Smartphone:

1) Phone memory / internal memory
2) Card slot / External memory

Although almost all of smartphone memory card fitted to take a look at how far the highest support especially gets to know how to participate in internal memory.

Display: Did you buy the phone only use to receive calls. We are many uses more than one phone which just used received a call. If the same, you can buy normal display low-priced mobile phones. You can save money and get the long life battery. If you are using the mobile phone in your daily work or online job if you can buy a good performance display. You must keep in mind the size of the phone’s display because your display as large as the battery charge will quickly end. If your budget is high, there are few brands phone, which can be stored a long time to charge the battery with a large screen. There are many people who work outside the home. For example, a project manager or site engineer must keep in mind while buying a mobile or smartphone display is sunlight supported. The first important thing is the display. The 3 “from 6” sizes display smartphone are available in the market. If you take touchscreen smartphone try to display size of 3.5 inches or more than it. Because it is more comfortable to use and see the benefit. However, if you want to carry easily you should take small screen mobile phone. At the same time some things to keep in mind For example regulations (eg -720 p-1080pHD-UHD-4K) the general quality of the mobile display is less than 720 P, Pixel Per Inch (PPI), color and etc. How strong a smartphone it is important. Moreover, the screen is not so easy to stain Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant glass is a lot of the phone, Dragon trail glass is used in this case. When fall out of the hands can’t break or burst, so it will be at least the phone.

smartphone buying guide

Graphics Processor Unit (GPU): Many people don’t know about the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU). But without it, you can not play any games or high graphics programs can’t work. It need to watch HD Video, in addition, themes and launchers will need to work on the GPU many of these.  Although many phones built-in GPU performance is not so good, such as the Samsung Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pocket, Galaxy Ace, etc.

Sensor: Smartphone smartness largely depends on the sensors.  At present variety, all types of smartphones have sensors by which you will enjoy a full-fledged smartphone. Required sensors are:

Accelerometer Sensor (3D)
(Ii) Gyroscope Sensor
(3) Proximity Sensor
(4) Magnetic fild Sensor
(5) Gravity Sensor
(6) Light Sensor
(7) Pressure Sensor (Barometer)
(8) Orientation Sensor
(9) Hall Sensor
(10) Temperature Sensor (Thermometer)

GPS(Global Positioning System): GPS whole meaning is Global Positioning System. If you have GPS in smartphone, then it will show smartphone users anywhere in the world. Hygrometer, Lightmeter, G-Sensor, Air gesture (Hand Motion), Heartbeats sensor, Linear Acceleration, Rotation vector, Corrected Gyroscope, Double Click wakeup, Smart Gesture, Smart intelligence, Eye contact, including doing more sensors to the sensor Other One I will post. Set in accordance with the model number of sensors may be more or less. Minimum (1), (3), (6) No. sensors need to buy a smartphone or you can buy according to your needs.

Operating System (OS): Smartphone has another remarkable feature is the operating system. Each smartphones has own operating system, as like computers. At present, there are different types of operating systems such as:

2) IOS (only for Apple)
3) Windows
4) RIM (only for BlackBerry)
5) Symbian
6) Firefox

However, one of the most useful apps for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone operating systems. The android operating system is small versions of the Linux computer operating system. However, whatever operating system try to set up the new version, At least that is the latest version update.

Software Update: If you keep your phone’s software updated regularly the device will work beautifully. Otherwise, it will be a problem to do that. Will not support any new apps and the phone will be slow. To use some Apps the phone doing a route. If you are not experienced do not root the phone If the route is under warranty, and if you can not unroot the warranty will be canceled. It is better to take the route from the warranty service center. If necessary use anti-virus software.

Camera: With a good quality camera on your phone is an important issue. Little check about your phone’s camera before buying a phone. However, when buying the phone then you see Megapixels do not need to jump for megapixels. You surely want to know before buying a camera phone how many megapixels in the phone. Mobile phone manufacturers to increase their sales these use these ways. When were the more megapixels photos with a small lens can be seen a lot of noise. Therefore, when buying a mobile phone practically check your camera quality. And if you’re a fan of a selfie, if you can take a look at your phone’s front camera quality you can clear the video call. The mobile phones are very popular in photography. Moreover, when any great moments captured on your camera to
a good quality camera is very important.

smartphone buying guide

Battery: Smartphone has another important thing is a battery. The phone’s battery is very quickly come to end despite a lot of time over the battery mL empire. The backup battery is at least one and a half days make sure before buying a smartphone. Battery power is determined based on how the mobile phone. The large screen makes mobile more battery power loss. Now 3000 mAh or more than battery power is on the market. Must note that when buying a smartphone battery mAh is more than because higher mAh battery will be more charged. In addition, power banks can use the battery prevent a shortage, it is available to buy in the market. Is heard from a few days Samsung’s main rival, Apple has been successful in the future with solar cells to charge the smartphone technological innovation to succeed. So do not delay seeking Samsung has been based on the same approach. However, now spend more time on Samsung’s advanced technology with the display, now maybe they will give some attention to this.

Price: It’s a real issue. So the higher the price of mobile phones, Everything will be better, but you can not get all of the above features together. Smartphone price Depending on the brand, ranging from around 5 thousand to 90 thousand.  Which company is given biggest advantage and compare prices and features of mobile phone models with the purchase of your own choice?

Others: In addition to these issues, and some things you should keep in mind that you are:

The SAR value is not more than two in any way. It is harmful to the body if it has more. This is the level of radiation that is a lot of time to pack or a guidebook.

-Sound system standard (SRS Amplifier, Beats audio, etc.)

-MicroUSB, Bluetooth Version, Wi-Fi Speed, WLAN Hotspot, OTA(over-the-air), OTG(USB On-The-Go), NFC(Near field communication), Infrared etc

If you want to buy a smartphone, you need must know this smartphone buying guide. Every thing are very important to smartphone buying guide.

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