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Tooth decay treatment – opportunities and advice

Tooth decay or dental caries one of the greatest diseases in society. According to World Health Organization statistics, 60 to 90 percent of school children around the world and nearly 100 percent of the adult people suffer from tooth decay. Tooth decay treatment, the application of the public health” – opportunities and advice

The disease can be prevented easily and lightly expense. We do not know how it’s possible:

  • Tooth decay treatment, The fluoride tooth decay can be reduced greatly. In developed countries, The objective is to meet drinking water mixed with fluoride. According to the amount of water supplied by the City Corporation of our country (0.5 to 1.0 milligrams per liter) (2) may be mixed with fluoride. Many people think that our country’s water supply is not clean, boil to drink. But good to know that does not change the effectiveness of fluoride water fluoride rise. This method is affordable the United States is spending $ 1 per person a year in this respect. However, a large part of our group of people deprived of water supply. Alternatively fluoride toothpaste for them, mouthwash use can be recommended. In addition, the iodine salt is possible to prevent mixing haipothairyadijm, Tooth decay or dental caries fluoride salt is mixed as possible to reduce the rate.
  • Twice a day (after morning breakfast and before going to sleep at night), a small amount of toothpaste with fluoride can prevent tooth decay by brushing teeth.
    • Eat healthy food and drink. Especially in the morning and at lunch Sugary foods between meals is not accepted. Its a very helpful Tooth decay treatment
  • By chewing sugar-free gum after a meal can be beneficial, because the amount of chewing gum increases saliva, which flushes away food particles in the middle of the dentists. • Smoking, drinking and chewing tobacco, soft drinks, alcohol is to avoid these. Because, These are responsible for tooth decay, as well as cancers of the mouth.
  • Accidentally hit in the face and teeth sport or activity that may take a while to use mouth guard. Children skating, cycling, cricket, boxing mouth guard during play, such as the protection of teeth in the accident.
  • Medical check-up every six months should see by Expert Dentist, He was diagnosed with the early stages of a problem which can be treated easily and cost.
  • Primary Health Care Dental Care is to include: Dental treatment in developing countries like our latest technology at all levels to reach the high luxury. Primary Health Care and awareness can be created for the care of teeth and mouth. As well as the need to inform the public about ways to prevent tooth decay. Some of the common treatment, For example, as a source of pain, which is very carious teeth, it can be decided under the Primary Health Care.
  • Some schools on measures to improve the functioning of the role of dental health. Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia traditional “Fit for School” program, we can introduce primary school. The three most common childhood program (diarrhea, tooth decay and worms infection) for evidence-based preventive measures are taken. The children at the school under the supervision of teachers Daily three works, 1) wash hands with soap and water daily for all students ii) the daily fluoride toothpaste to brush the teeth of all students, and 3) in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines for de-worming drugs to be biennial students.

Today’s little tooth decay, which can contain the many terrible. But by making a few simple habit or a little concerned when we can quite easily prevent tooth decay. These practices should be developed in children and young adults.

Regular brash proper rules :

Regular brash proper rules is also Tooth decay treatment. You should brush your teeth at least two times a dayBrush proper ruls. But many do not brush their teeth at night. But the night time in tooth decay is higher microbial attack. Many people suffer from tooth decay even after regular teeth brushing. Reason you don’t properly brush teeth with brush. But the Brush rule teeth Brush upper from the bottom.

Mouth Wash

In our country most people does not use the mouth wash after brush their teeth. But mouth wash children and young should be used for a long time for dental protection.

Eating :
Daily diet calcium-rich foods helps dentists prevent decay. Different types of foods such as milk, butter, yogurt, spinach have higher levels of calcium. This is to prevent tooth decay. Everyday food list has Fish, vegetables, milk and fiber-rich vegetables and plenty of water and eat place. Water plays a role in dental floss.

With a little awareness of the following described above are largely reduced the risk of erosion of your teeth. However, erosion dental health and dental checkup at least once a year to make should go to a dentist.

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