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12 Top Best Places To Travel In Asia

Asia interesting places for tourists and the best places to travel in Asia. Many people know the famous region of this continent. But Business Insider mentioned 12 places, which many tourists do not know about that place. There are so many places where tourists still have no footprints. From Malaysia’s evergreen forest to South Korea’s prehistoric city, everything is in the list.

1. Raza Ampat Islands, Indonesia:

You want to give you a dive in the blue waters of the sea surrounded by the green forest of the Ampatta Islands of Indonesia. If you are brave then you can swim with the shark in the Sandervahis Bay Marine Park. You can discover new caves and caves in Missus Island or you can see the kingdom of birds on the Waigeo Island.


2. Googong, South Korea:

From the South Korean capital Seoul to the bullet train, it will take only a few hours. Here you will feel like you have come to an ancient city. The people of this town go from prehistoric times. This city was known as capital for 1000 years in the Sila era. There are more pagodas, temples, palace ruins and cemeteries than other places in South Korea. Here is the 8th century Bulguksa Temple, one of the most attractive for tourists.

best places to travel in asia

3. Yala, Sri Lanka:

You can see the most wild animals in Yala National Park. Most of the world’s cheetahs live here. At the same time you will find peacocks, crocodiles, flutter and elephants. You can find a diverse environment here. You will find grassland, evergreen jungle and sea beaches. You will find Sithipalwar Buddhist monastery here. The princess lived in a temple that was 2000 years old.

best places to travel in asia

4. Ladakh, India:

Tibet Buddhist monastery has developed into the Himalayas in Ladakh. Local people still wear traditional clothes. You have to come to Ladakh between October and March. If you have good luck can also be seen White cheetah.

best places to travel in asia

5. Kamchatka, Russia:

Kamchatka is known for warm springs, warm fountains and volcanoes. Russia’s eastern 1250-mile peninsula is called the valley of warm springs. UNESCO announced this place as a tradition. There are a total of 20 hot springs here. Visitors often claim to have seen brown bears.

best places to travel in asia

6. Taipei, Taiwan:

Taipei is not popular like Tokyo or Beijing. But you can find many diversity in Taipei. In the night market of Taipei, you can find your favorite food side street or even taste it beside a jūfen. National Palace Museums, Martyrs’ Monastery in the Revolution, Yangmingshan National Park or can be seen Beitou Warm shower.

best places to travel in asia

7. Danum Valley, Malaysia:

Malayan Borneo The Danum valley is the oldest evergreen forest. It’s not easy to go here. No one can come here for the official policy of forest conservation. If you can arrange in any way you can see cheetah, orangotang and elephant.

best places to travel in asia

8. Matsuyama, Japan:

Japan’s has most oldest warm shower is in Matsuyama. This place is also very dear to locals. The 18th-century Dogo Oonsen deacon bath room attracts everyone. Helps to know about old traditions. Matsuyama Mountains in Matsuyama’s Palace is one of the tourist attractions. You can see the beauty of the city and the port Standing in the mountains.

best places to travel in asia

9.  Tajikistan:

Dushanbe is most favorite for tourists at capital of Tajikistan’s. But if you want to feel the nature after leaving the city’s racket, then you can go to Pamir Hill. You can enjoy the beauty of Pamir plateau, which is known as the roof of the earth. The mountainous heart can also see the clear water of the Iskanderkul.

best places to travel in asia

10. Mary Wu, Myanmar:

If you want to enjoy Mary Wu beauty, you have to wake up in the morning. As the sun rises, the fog begins to cut. Gradually the pagoda of the green hills began to become clear in front of the eyes. You can go to Mary Wu in two hours by climbing the boat in the Kaladan river of Sitowet.

best places to travel in asia

11. Macau, China:

Macau is famous for gambling. The Chinese are called Las Vegas in the city. Here are all the signs of Portuguese rule in the 16th century. Here you can see a strange Michelle of Asia and Europe. The market here is famous for Rua de Teresina images and antique products. 17th century St. Paul church can be seen. You can enjoy the city view standing in the Macau Tower.

best places to travel in asia

12. Salalah, Oman:

You can ride on a camel on the beach In the Salalah. You will also find Desert, Palm Trees and Historical Culture. You will see the Kharif festival come here at the end of July or August. At the festival images are displayed and sport.

best places to travel in asia

If you want to travel in Asia, Above the best places to travel in Asia. You can visit from one of the above places. You’ll love a lot that’s the Asian place

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